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Have an event coming up or a job vacancy? We will share your information on our website, social media channels and on our monthly newsletter. These platforms provide information to organisations and communities across Rother.

Submissions to RVA can relate to events, news, funding opportunities or just good news stories to inform organisations about what is happening in Rother. You have the option to choose the channels you would like your submission to be shared.

• Your submissions need to be relevant to a wide part of the voluntary sector in Rother.
• Jobs can be advertised via this link

How it works

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  • Aim to answer the following when composing your text: what, who, when, where, why and how
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  • Please do not include newsletters of other organisations (include the link in your submission and we can add this to the post)
  • Ensure writing on all images/posters is legible
  • Copyright permission must have been secured (especially for images and photographs)

RVA will review your request and include your content at the next available opportunity if appropriate.

The RVA newsletter is released the second week of every month. Please ensure that anything submitted is still relevant after that date.

Inclusion is at RVA’s discretion. RVA reserves the right to refuse inclusion without providing a reason for doing so. We do not sell email addresses to any third party.

Please complete the form to submit your content. In some instances, you may need to disable the Adblocker on your browser to see all relevant fields.

If your query is not marketing related, general enquiries should be submitted via the “CONTACT” form by clicking HERE .

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    Tribe is a digital volunteering platform which could help promote your volunteering role too. Please click here to register your opportunity.