Rother Food Partnership Logo

Rother Food Partnership brings together people, communities, and organisations to create healthy and sustainable local food systems that benefit the wellbeing of all. The partnership is led by Rother Voluntary Action, based within Bexhill-on-sea, and covers the whole of Rother through a network of collaborative partner organisations.

Our Vision and Objectives

At Rother Food Partnership, we envision a future where:

  • Food waste is minimised, and resources are utilised efficiently and collaboratively.
  • Access to nutritious and sustainable food is equitable and widespread.
  • Food insecurity is eradicated, and communities are empowered to meet their dietary needs.
  • Local growers and producers are supported, fostering environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and food sovereignty.
  • Food miles are reduced, mitigating environmental impact and promoting climate resilience.
  • Our local communities are vibrant, empowered, collaborative and resilient.

To realise this vision, we pursue the following objectives:

  1. Reducing Food Waste: Through education, advocacy, and collaboration with partners, we strive to minimise food waste at all stages of the supply chain, from production to consumption.
  2. Improving Food Access: We work to enhance access to nutritious and sustainable food, particularly for underserved communities, by promoting initiatives such as community gardens, farmers’ markets, and food cooperatives.
  3. Addressing Food Insecurity: By partnering with local charities, food banks, and statutory service agencies, we aim to address food insecurity and ensure that all residents have access to an adequate and dignified food supply.
  4. Supporting Local Producers: We advocate for policies and practices that support local growers and producers, such as fair trade agreements, farm-to-table initiatives, and investment in agricultural infrastructure.
  5. Promoting Sustainability: We advocate for sustainable food production and consumption practices that minimise environmental impact, conserve natural resources, and promote biodiversity.

Collaborative Approach

At Rother Food Partnership, collaboration is at the core of our work. We believe that meaningful change requires collective action and partnership across sectors. We welcome new partners, such as:

  • Sustainable food businesses committed to ethical and environmentally conscious practices.
  • Emergency food providers dedicated to addressing immediate food needs and promoting long-term food security.
  • Local growers and producers passionate about cultivating a resilient and sustainable food system.
  • Food waste activists advocating for systemic change and innovative solutions to reduce food waste.

Our Role within Good Food East Sussex

As a member of Good Food East Sussex, Rother Food Partnership is part of a larger network of organisations and individuals working towards a common goal: promoting good food for all. Good Food East Sussex, funded by East Sussex County Council, is a collaborative initiative that encompasses various food partnerships across the region, including Eastbourne Food Partnership, Hastings Food Network, Lewes Food Partnership, and Wealden Food Partnership.

Through our partnership with Good Food East Sussex, we leverage collective expertise, resources, and advocacy efforts to amplify our impact and advance our shared objectives. Together, we advocate for policies that support sustainable food systems, facilitate knowledge sharing and best practices, and coordinate community-led initiatives to address food-related challenges.

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Get Involved

We invite individuals, organisations, and businesses who share our commitment to a fairer, kinder, and more sustainable food system to join us in our efforts. There are numerous ways to get involved:

  • Volunteer your time and expertise to support our initiatives and projects.
  • Attend our community events, workshops, and educational programmes to learn more about sustainable food practices and solutions.
  • Become a member of Rother Food Partnership and contribute to shaping our collective vision for a better food future.
  • Partner with us on collaborative projects, campaigns, and advocacy efforts to drive positive change in our community.

In summary

At Rother Food Partnership, we believe that everyone deserves access to healthy, sustainable food, and that building a resilient food system is essential for the well-being of our communities and the planet. Through our collaborative approach, we are committed to creating lasting change and empowering individuals to make informed choices about their food. Join us in our journey towards a fairer, kinder, and more sustainable food future for all.

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