The RVA Board of Directors has a good mix of skills and experience, we continue to look for new members with experience in the following areas:

  • Experience and/or understanding of fundraising and securing financial support.
  • Experience of developing/delivering innovation and enterprise including commercial and public sector contracting; and social and community enterprise development.
  • Experience of finance and investments.
  • Experience in legal matters
  • Regional representation, particularly from Northern Rother and areas of deprivation within the District (Sidley, Central Bexhill, Rye & Eastern Rother)
  • Understanding of community engagement, activity and building community resilience in this area

We are also looking for some key attributes for example:

  • Communication skills including listening and negotiating effectively
  • Strategic and analytical skills
  • A passionate belief in supporting voluntary and community action in Rother
  • Understanding of governance and responsibilities of directors/trustees.

Candidates for the Board elections are asked to prepare a 200 word statement outlining their experience of local voluntary action and governance in general and their experience of one of the above areas in particular. Member organisations are strongly encouraged to nominate for election to the Board. In putting forward nominations members are asked to consider the skill/experience areas, mentioned above.

Prospective nominees and member organisations considering nominating someone for election are strongly advised to talk to an existing Trustee Board member about the expectations of Board members before finalising the nomination.

Who can be nominated?

An organisation can nominate anyone to be a trustee – they do not have to be an employee or Trustee of the member organisation. You may nominate more than one person but a separate nomination and declaration form needs to be completed for each candidate nominated.

How to nominate?

All the relevant information to nominate a Trustee is available from our website. Please ensure that your nominees read the following and feel able to meet the expectations:

What do I do next?

 Nomination form Elections for RVA Board Nomination Form

Please ensure the nominee signs the nomination form or emails consent to



The form must also be accompanied by a statement of not more than 200 words written about or by the nominee, giving biographical and other information in support of their election. This will be circulated to all voting member organisations to inform your decision in the event of a ballot. Please note that any more than 200 words will not be printed and errors in grammar and spelling will not be corrected.


Declaration form Declaration of Eligibility 19.10.17

Please ensure the nominee signs the declaration form stating that they are not disqualified from acting as a trustee and company director of RVA.



Please return the nomination form, statement and the declaration form not later than 9th November 2017. Please note that nomination forms received after this date will not be considered.