Who We Are Heading


Who We Are

RVA is a charity and a company limited by guarantee. Our purpose is to both support community action and the voluntary sector in Rother and to address the social and economic issues that affect our communities. It is run by a Board of Director drawn from the local community. For information on nominating RVA Directors – go HERE

RVA’s own existence was the result of the effort of local volunteers. These volunteers from 3 organisations from Rye, Battle and Bexhill recognised the need to share resources and pool ideas and agreed to merge their organisations to provide a better service through the whole of Rother. This process was a result of a wide ranging consultation with voluntary groups, funders and other stakeholders.

  • In April 2006 RVA became operational with a full Board of Directors, a chief officer and 5 staff members. RVA’s Board of Directors is elected by the member organisations at our Annual General Meeting.
  • In 2008 RVA became a Development Trust.
  • In 2011  RVA received the NAVCA Quality Award and has held it since
  • In 2014 RVA was accredited as a Volunteer Centre as part of the Volunteer Centre East Sussex
  • In 2016 RVA moved to new offices at 47 London Road, Bexhill
  • In 2018 RVA started working internationally with EU partners from Holland, France and Belgium
  • In 2019 RVA became a Diversity Partner of Hastings Direct

RVA interacts with large numbers of people and organisations across Rother. These range from the smallest community groups, and village action groups to large public sector bodies. At the last count there were over 700 community groups working in Rother.

RVA works in a number of different ways ranging from representation of community sector viewpoints, researching needs and helping shape policy and strategy, to the facilitation of partnerships, leadership of community projects and advocacy for better services.

We also help support local groups directly through advice and information, in areas such as their funding, constitution, appropriate legal structures, business planning and various “hands on” skills such as first aid training or committee skills training.

RVA has a fully equipped office and meeting room in Bexhill and an administrative office in Rye.

What do we offer to members?

RVA offers community and voluntary groups direct help and support:

  • PRACTICAL SERVICES – We have a small office to assist voluntary groups with photocopying, printing, producing newsletters and other computer work.
  • INFORMATION – With our bi monthly newsletter, press releases and mailshots, we aim to keep the community informed about the local voluntary sector as well as breaking news such as funding opportunities.
  • ADVICE & SUPPORT – we can assist in setting up and running a voluntary or community group. This can include advice about funding, staff, volunteers, charity and company registration.
  • NETWORKING – with voluntary groups locally and across the region, the local authority, and other agencies

We receive a proportion of our core funding from:

  • Rother District Council
  • East Sussex County Council