Last chance to complete Volunteering survey 2017 closes Feb 22nd

Last chance to complete Volunteering survey 2017 closes Feb 22nd

Last summer, the organisations involved in the Community Resilience programme (the Voluntary Actions, East Sussex Better Together and Connecting 4 You) asked people – and in particular community groups, voluntary organisations and individuals – to think about what else we can all do to help build stronger communities.

Called ‘Building Stronger Communities in East Sussex’, one of the main things people felt was important was to find different ways of helping people to get more involved in their communities.


We have listened to what you have been saying about how you want to make a difference. And now we really want to make a difference for you! We are working with a wide range of partners to pull together and offer support for increasing people’s involvement in groups, projects and local communities in the ways that they and you think are best. But we just need a little more information to do so.


So, we have launched two surveys to ask you about your experiences and views, whether as an organisation who works with members of the community, or an individual who gives their time without pay. We would be extremely grateful if you could find the time to fill out whichever of the two surveys is the most relevant for you. Plus, you will be entered into a prize draw and you or your group could win a prize for participating!


Survey 1:  For individual ‘volunteers’ – Click here to fill out survey 1!

When we say ‘volunteer’, we mean any person who gives their time freely to help other individuals, groups, or organisations. You might have an official volunteering role, or might get involved in activities in a more informal way. Either way, survey 1 is for you!



Survey 2: For community groups and voluntary organisations – Click here to fill out survey 2!

Survey 2 is for you if: a) you organise a community group and are in charge of getting other people involved in your activities; or b) you work for an organisation where you are responsible for involving and supporting volunteers.

Please fill out a survey online and forward this email to anyone else who might be willing to fill it in. We are relying on the reach of our networks to spread the word! Thank you!

There may be some questions that seem to be repeating those you have been asked before – particularly if you are an organisation that has previously done work with Volunteer Centre East Sussex. If the questions are repeats, we promise it is for good reasons! We are focusing now on filling gaps in our understanding. Those gaps may come from us never having asked these particular questions before, or from not having asked them for some time. Either way, we have worked hard to ensure that the questions we are asking now complement and improve information we already have.