Visiting the Most Vulnerable

Visiting the Most Vulnerable


East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service are now working in partnership with both Rother Voluntary Action and Action in Rural Sussex. The aim of the partnership is to identify vulnerable members of isolated Rural Communities with the aim of offering them a Safe & Well visit.

The Safe & Well visits are carried out by our fully trained Safe & Well Practitioners who will visit properties identified both from Fire Service intelligence and local knowledge through RVA and AIRS.

Practitioners will work closely with RVA & AIRS and where appropriate will provide full support with local campaigns and initiative designed to improve the health wellbeing and safety of rural communities.

The visits comprise of a full risk assessment of the property to provide advice on Fire Safety in the home, where the property does not have smoke alarms they will be supplied and installed free of charge. Individuals with a hearing impairment who may not hear a standard alarm will be assessed for specialist alarms.

Where during the visit any wellbeing issues are identified with the occupiers consent referrals will be sent to partner agencies to request further assistance.

Our practitioners where appropriate will provide information on Smoking cessation, health and fitness issues, signposting individuals to the appropriate agencies to request assistance.

Working with both RVA and Airs will enable our practitioners to identify both individual and in many cases community needs which will be referred to RVA or AIRS to be considered for further intervention.

This Partnership will enable a close working relationship within our rural communities which will help to improve the Safety, Health and Wellbeing of those living in our more isolated communities.


For more information contact:
Steve Wright
Community Safety Station Manager.

Tel: 01323 462449