The Children’s Health Fund now open to 6 Oct 2017

The Children’s Health Fund now open to 6 Oct 2017

The Children’s Health Fund is inviting organisations that want to provide good food as part of holiday learning, play and activity programmes to apply for grants of between £1,000 and £5,000.  Applications will be considered from registered charities, CIOs, schools, hospitals, housing associations, community groups, local authorities, churches and youth groups.

To be eligible, clubs must:

  • Provide meals that align with the food and drink requirements (ie, School Food Standards England 2015) and other term time regulations (eg, food hygiene, food labelling).
  • Include enrichment activities such as sports, art and crafts, growing etc.
  • Provide holiday food provision for a minimum of three days a week over four weeks.
  • Implement relevant policies (e.g. health and safety, safeguarding, pastoral).
  • Demonstrate a local partnership is in place which includes a representative from the Local Authority and/or health board.

The fund provides an online eligibility checker. 

The Children’s Health Fund was set up by Sustain with Jamie Oliver’s help in August 2015. The aim is to get restaurants and cafes to put a voluntary 10p ‘sugary drinks levy’ on soft drinks on their menu that contain added sugar.  The money raised by the self-imposed levy is paid into the Children’s Health Fund, administered by Sustain.   (Examples of grants awarded to date can be seen)

The deadline for applications is 6 October 2017 (5pm). The Board will meet in November to decide which applications will receive funding. Awards will be announced in December.