Small grants for coast and marine projects

Small grants for coast and marine projects

Sea-Changers Grant Programme

Sea-Changers grants up to £500, and exceptionally up to £1,000 to charities working to conserve the marine environment.


Projects must take place within the UK and address one of the following areas:


  • Marine reserves or protected marine areas
  • Direct marine clean up action
  • Education, campaigning and awareness
  • Species protection and research


Projects should be based on innovation and priority needs, and should aim to create a world where:


  • Seas and shore are healthy and clean
  • Marine species are protected and abundant
  • People have a clear understanding of their impact on the marine environment and are actively encouraged to minimise this


All applications should be outcome focused and should describe the specific impact that the funding/project will make.


The next round of applications is now open and applications should be received by the 15th January 2014.


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