Safe Place Scheme

Safe Place Scheme



The Safe Place Scheme is a national scheme running across the county and has already proven very successful. The scheme was introduced to East Sussex in response to the work of the Involvement Matters Team; a group of adults with learning disabilities who work with East Sussex County Council as advocates. It is their job to find out about issues faced by people with learning disabilities.

The response was that people worry about what to do if something goes wrong and this can stop them from going out and enjoying the town and being part of their community.

The scheme provides places for people to go if they are lost, if they feel threatened or if something bad has happened. People with learning disabilities will have an ‘I Need Help’ card with a contact number of someone that can help. This could be a relative, a carer or friend.

Bexhill is now in need of businesses to act as a ‘Safe Place’.  This means we would like you to offer your cafe or shop to people who are in need of help. This means welcoming them and listening to what has happened and then getting them help, whether that is phoning their contact person on their ‘I Need Help’ card or contacting another non-emergency or emergency number. (eg Police or Adult Social Care).

If you would like to offer your business as a safe place, please contact Jan Cutting: