RVA Team at Bexhill Festival of the Sea

RVA Team at Bexhill Festival of the Sea

It was a great 2 days for the RVA team. Brilliant weather and loads of people came down to Bexhill seafront to taste local food, listen to live music – and drop by to talk to us about our Clean Seas Please project .

This is as community led campaign managed by Hastings Voluntary Action and Rother Voluntary Action in partnership with the Environment Agency.  The next year is crucial in the UK’s steps to meet the new European Sea Bathing Water Quality Directive and 55 areas around the country have been identified as at risk of failing.  All areas are important but this issue is particularly significant where beaches are associated with a tourism economy, for us this means, Bexhill, Hastings and Littlestone.

We are leading a campaign to raise awareness of this and the related issues, disposal of fats oils and grease, ragging and connections for waste water pipes, and encourage behaviour change so that we stand every chance of meeting the new uprated standard.

Our work includes:

  • Community events
  • Work in schools
  • Working with building contractors, colleges and their professional associations
  • Catering outlets
  • Hospitality trade
  • Parents and children

More information here https://cleanseasplease.net/



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