Rural Volunteering 2019 – RVA report

Rural Volunteering 2019 – RVA report


This  report shares the key findings from research conducted by RVA in early 2019. It was sponsored by Rother District Council in response to the reported concerns from our rural communities that they are struggling to find and retain volunteers and local social action is suffering as a result.


The work builds on both our day to day conversations with rural communities and through community consultations previously carried out by RVA in 2015 which considered the successes and challenges associated with volunteering in rural Rother. It has allowed RVA to continue to record the voice of people living in rural Rother and hear their concerns, ideas and solutions. They have asked for help in developing these ideas and solutions


Download the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY here Rural Volunteering survey in Rother – executive summary July 2019

Download the FULL REPORT here Rural Volunteering survey in Rother – July 2019

RVA would like to thank all the volunteers and community members from across Rother who participated in our surveys or gave up their time to talk to us. We hope that we have captured the ideas, passion and energy you gave us.