Orbit statement – Covid-19

Orbit statement – Covid-19

This may be of interest to organisations with Orbit housing in their area

As a result of the current crisis, Orbit’s Community Investment aims will now focus upon supporting our customers and their communities through this difficult time.

Going forward, we are particularly keen to support projects that help the vulnerable or isolated in their homes.  We believe our funds may be best employed to support.

  • Food and Medical Supplies/Distribution
  • Reduction of social isolation (reducing mental health impacts)
  • Reducing financial stress (Loss of Income, Combating Debt)

We further foresee that school closures may lead to ‘holiday hunger’ issues earlier and for a prolonged period.

On a more positive note, there has been a noticeable increase in community action, with social networks and volunteers offering support within their neighbourhoods. We believe there may be a role for local coordination of this community action to promote safe, efficient and ethical practises.

While we are currently reviewing our procedures to expedite distribution of funds, I should like to hear from you if you are delivering (or can deliver) any of the above aims, within your community!  Please feel free to pass this message on to other organisations who may be able to support these aims

This may impact upon our existing project partners in several ways however we would wish to minimise any disruption while maximising our efforts to help the communities through this period.

If you are a past, present or prospective provider of services/activities with an Orbit -funded element, could I please ask you to consider the attached matrix, and where/if appropriate, contact me to discuss any issues arising.

I shall make myself available between 8am -8pm over the next 2 days and will be best contacted on my mobile 07791014386, and I look forward to hearing from you

Gary Storer 07971 553848  Gary.Storer@orbit.org.uk