#NonGraduatesWelcome sweeps social media

The #NonGraduatesWelcome social media campaign is urging the charity sector to ensure it interviews and hires people on merit, experience, attitude and their skills, not based on whether they have a degree or not.


It has launched a manifesto website and is using social media to spread the use of the hashtag and campaign message #NonGraduatesWelcome. It urges charities to use the hashtag when advertising roles, which is exactly what we did when advertising recently for a Head of Communications and External Affairs. NAVCA is also signed up to the #OpenToAll campaign, lead by Children England, which aims to eradicate inequality and recognise non-academic learning, making opportunities open to everybody.


NAVCA CEO, Jane Ide, tweeted: “We’re proud to say #NonGraduatesWelcome #OpenToAll at @NAVCA – and our latest round of recruitment on that basis has produced some fantastic applications! #ItWorks“.


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