Junior Summer Fitness Challenge

Junior Summer Fitness Challenge

Beat the boredom during the school holiday and take part in our fantastic fitness challenge this summer!

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Our Summer Fitness Challenge will inspire you to get up and get active and collect some great rewards along the way too! What’s more it’s completely FREE to take part.For the fifth year, Freedom Leisure is delighted to bring you the award winning Junior Summer Fitness Challenge with an added sugar rush!


To register your child/children please
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This year, Freedom Leisure has partnered with Sugar Smart. The Sugar Smart campaign aims to increase awareness and reduce sugar consumption by people of all ages. As part of the Summer Fitness Challenge, we will be incorporating a new challenge based around sugar consumption and asking children to record their sugar swaps.

In order to take part in the challenge we ask that you complete as many physical activities as you can during the holidays and for every 10 activities we’ll give you a reward voucher and a small prize as well to spur you on to the next 10 activities.

On completion of your third diary you will receive an exclusive Junior Summer Fitness Challenge medal and certificate! Look out for the family activities on each diary so you can now involve the grown-ups!

It doesn’t matter what you do – playing football in the garden, cycling, skate boarding even walking the dog – just stay active and let us know about it by bringing in your completed diaries.

We are also looking for the most active school in your area so make sure you get as many of your school friends involved and the winning school will get a great prize for all those completing the challenge.

You can register online now by completing the registration form below. You will then receive your first diary which you can start to fill in from 22 July. If you are registering multiple children, please print the emailed diary as many times as required. When complete bring it in to your local freedom leisure centre to receive your rewards. Good luck!