Impact of Proposed Budget Reductions: CVS Survey Results and Recommendations

Impact of Proposed Budget Reductions: CVS Survey Results and Recommendations

22 January 2016

3VA, Rother Voluntary Action and Hastings Voluntary Action (HVA) are acting on behalf of the wider sector in monitoring closely the proposed cuts from East Sussex County Council which are currently the subject of consultation.

In this context – and following on from our joint position statement in November 2015 – we, the three councils for voluntary service in East Sussex, have worked together to survey the organisations and services facing the proposed cuts, to understand from them the impact on their service users and to identify any steps we can take to support responses to and mitigation of proposed changes.

Our survey shows all of the following:

  • Vulnerable people will be affected.
  • Services face closure.
  • There is a lack of alternative provision.
  • There is an expectation of an increased demand on other services.

In the light of these findings, we are taking the following steps:

1. We are calling on East Sussex County Council to:

  • Take up the 2% precept as the least that can be done to mitigate impact on vulnerable service users across communities.
  • Where services are reduced or withdrawn, clearly show what steps are being taken to mitigate the impact on vulnerable service users and on social capital within local communities.
  • Fully involve  the voluntary sector at the earliest opportunity as further cuts in 2017/18 are anticipated.
  • Continue to invest in measures that build community capacity, support local volunteering and enable local communities to thrive.

2. We will continue to work with voluntary organisations to mitigate impact and develop responses to the challenges they face.



Adam Chugg – Chief Executive 3VA
Martin Fisher – Chief Executive RVA
Steve Manwaring – Chief Executive HVA

Collectively 3VA, HVA and RVA represent over 1,000 members consisting of community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

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