Have your say in improving mental health inpatient services in East Sussex

Have your say in improving mental health inpatient services in East Sussex

NHS East Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Sussex Partnership NHS
Foundation Trust (Sussex Partnership) are embarking on a major improvement programme
aimed at improving mental health inpatient services across East Sussex for adults and older


We want everyone who needs care can benefit from staying in safe, modern and secure
environments which provide the highest quality care. To make sure we are leading the way
in providing mental health care and support for local people, we will be developing
proposals to address the challenges we have with some of our buildings in East Sussex.


For some time, we have understood that our existing mental health services are not
provided for in the quality of accommodation we would ideally want for our patients. This
means that, while we work hard to make sure patients receive the appropriate quality of
care, we need to make bigger improvements so that we can continue to deliver care to the
highest quality.


This means that we need to consider how current adult inpatient services in East Sussex
might be improved to meet modern standards.


We are now beginning a preliminary period of involvement with anyone who may
interested in these services and how they can be better delivered, particularly service users,
carers, their families and representatives. We want to hear their views and gather valuable
feedback so this can inform and shape our plans. This will also include the wider public,
those who may need to use services in the future, and those people and groups that we
don’t always hear from or who are under-represented.


There is a lot of work to do and we are committed to involving as many people as we can to
make sure we get the best possible outcomes and value from any proposals. Because of this,
we cannot, at this time, set out what any new inpatient services will look like – but are seeking
public involvement to help us develop future plans.

We hope that you will agree that this is an exciting programme which will enable us to
provide the highest quality mental health care to the people of East Sussex for  many years
to come.

Attached to this document is further background information which sets out the
ways you can get involved and a link to an initial online questionnaire which we would encourage
you to complete. We look forward to hearing from you and what you have to say.