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  1. Bexhill Seniors over 55's club

    I am very pleased that I can now report to our committee on Monday that we have such a super group coming to our club, and we would like to thank the college and Rother Voluntary Action for getting us involved in this exciting project.
    Once again, many thanks

  2. Bespoke Training Eastbourne

    The Evening was a wonderful way to be inspired by local community groups and the work they do to make a difference in the local community. The wide variety of different groups made for a very interesting night. The range of services looking for ways to connect with the businesses organisations represented was great.

  3. WACOR Project - Rye

    Just to let you now that at the WACOR event last night here was really strong support for the governance training you had done. A common theme was “I didn’t really see why we needed it but ….” Things were said such as:
    I learned so much;
    I thought my knowledge from work was good enough but realised I have got out of date;
    Made me really tink about data protection
    Social media is fascinating
    Not just good for the museum but good for me as well.

  4. Tudor Trust

    Many congratulations on the success of the Community Friends model. It was great to hear that so many people new to volunteering got involved with their local schemes and that, by making sure that the volunteers developed their own schemes themselves, you were able to engender such a strong sense of ownership and empowerment

  5. NWCTP Ltd

    Thought you’d like to know that the Awards Panel have said that NWCTP should be awarded Level 1 of the CTA Quality Mark. Thank you for all the help and support you have given us through this process. It has been immensely helpful to us, as a fairly new operator, in getting all the right policies and procedures in place.

  6. Bexhill Festival of the Sea

    I wonder if I might pop down to your office for a chat to see how Rother Voluntary Action could work with us this year at the Festival? I know that everyone obtained a great message from your stall last year. And the roving fish! …………well what can we say. The quality and enjoyment of your stall last year has prompted us to offer a trophy to the best stall this year.

  7. Udimore Parish Council

    The Parish Council has asked me to let you know how much they appreciated your help at our annual assembly on the 21st May. The issues raised by residents were known about by councillors but they felt it was important to give residents an organised opportunity to express their concerns and to put forwards ideas for improving the village “

  8. Anon

    The staff are always friendly, helpful and want to do their jobs as well as is ever possible. They actually seem to enjoy working which makes a nice change. Well done

  9. Bexhill Caring Community

    We were very enthused after coming back from the event… and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Thank you so very much for all the publicity material that you supplied, this will certainly come in handy for us.”

  10. Young Enterprise

    Just to say thank you for organising the event yesterday – it seemed to go very well and there was a great atmosphere. I suppose the proof of the pudding will be to see if the connections now work which I am hoping they will!

  11. Little Gate Farm

    Thanks to the introduction to Reid Briggs, we got the right insurance policy and saved thousands of pounds on computers, which means that we have more resources to help more people

  12. Jobcentre Plus

    “I am sure you have had lots of positive feedback already but can I just say that it was a really enjoyable and informative event and it was great to have an opportunity to meet and engage with so many people committed to improving the lives of those in our local area.”

  13. Rye Museum

    We had a Board Meeting of the Museum this morning and the Directors have asked me to thank you, on their behalf, very much for preparing such a wonderful Final Report. They were very impressed with your skill in putting all the information together and making it match the conditions. Reading it reminded them of the huge amount of work which was involved

  14. Little Common Playgroup

    As a small group that can really struggle at times its wonderful to know there is an organisation locally like RVA that is able to help us. Both with free advice and with really reasonably priced services such as DBS checks. We always worry that we have to turn volunteers away if we can’t afford to get them checked – and its really not very nice to say thanks for volunteering now this is what it will cost you!

  15. TeamUp Bexhill Participant

    For the past 2 weeks I have been on a photography workshop run by (RVA) Team Up Bexhill. I just had to say if you have ever been unsure about whether you would learn something – just do it! I am absolutely loving using my new found confidence with my camera

  16. Rother District Councillor

    “Thank you for the excellent session today. Beautifully organised. Please pass on my thanks to all. And the one message that resonated with me was: Value, Consequence, Direction and Concatenation – what it’s all about.

  17. TCV

    I would just like to say thank you to whoever organised this event, as l found it very welcoming and useful. In particular, the food (!) where it seemed that a lot of consideration had been given to ensuring that there was something for all dietary requirements. It was very enjoyable

  18. Little Gate Farm

    I do like the RVA newsletter. It is by far the most informative and interesting newsletter I receive. Full of useful information and a bit quirky and different to most.

  19. Shine and Sign

    I wanted to thank you for the First Aid Training course that was provided for our volunteers. It was a concise and informative course, and the trainer left us feeling confident to be able to handle a First Aid emergency at our group – for the children, their adult carers and our volunteers.

  20. Support Worker - Bexhill Your Way

    I just thought I would email you this morning to update you on A’s success. He is now playing football for a football team and doing really well. Furthermore, he is also really enjoying coaching on a Saturday . A has also landed himself a job in a care home working 30 hours a week. Thank you for all your help with getting A involved he is really enjoying it.

  21. Community Volunteer, Bexhill

    “Really helpful service that provides fantastic and varied events that my children (and I) have loved. Also some great initiatives to get Bexhill community to come together. RVA have my full support.”

  22. Pit-Stop Youth Workshop

    Had a good meeting with the amazing RVA team in Bexhill this morning. RVA helped Pit-Stop get started many years ago and it was good to go back to them again …..but this time we were asking them for advice on how we can offer funding support and out reach services to other young people in Bexhill. It’s incredible how far we have come and grown.

  23. Maggie

    Dear RVA,
    “I just wanted to write and thank you so very much for running the recent course on British Sign Language.
    My name is Maggie, and I’m a late diagnosed autistic adult, with severe dyslexia. I also have a host of other medical conditions, which now limit my life somewhat.
    When my oldest child was born, he didn’t seem to respond to me talking to him and I believed he may be deaf. Consequently, I applied to the royal Institute for the deaf for a finger spell chart, which ran around his bedroom as a mural. We learnt to finger spell together. As time went by, it turned out that my son was not deaf, but had auditory processing difficulties, however he went on to learn and use sign language more and more as he grew up and later also in his work environment, but far surpassed my own attempts at being able to communicate effectively using BSL. He’s 24 now, and uses BSL in the support of his deaf customers working at a local convenience store.
    I’ve always wanted to learn more, and this course with Mark was an excellent opportunity.
    As part of my ongoing health issues and degenerative condition, both my speech and swallowing have been affected, so I was delighted to attend a relaxed and informal class that would give me another means of communication, both with my family members and with people that I will likely meet in the wider deaf autistic community. I’m currently both a carer and an autism advocate & support worker with Aspie Rational Talks.
    Mark has made learning BSL both fun and memorable and I’d very much love to enroll on any other courses you run in the future. Running a course in everyday BSL is just what’s needed in our locality and I feel sure it will do much to break down many of the communication barriers we currently face in our community, so thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.”

  24. Hands of Hope Charity

    Thank you for a fantastic newsletter that was sent earlier this week. It was extremely informative and helpful. Please extend my thanks to the person in your team that organised it.

  25. Pitstop Charity

    so my weekend was spent mainly doing paperwork for the Charity Commission. Quite pleased with how much I have done with support from the Bexhill RVA team…

  26. Rother District Council Councillor

    Well done for an excellent conference.

    Having just looked for First Aid courses on your website it looks very different, modern with lots of useful information.
    I may be wrong, but i’m not sure how many in the community or even elected members know how RVA can help others. Anyway i’m the first to have booked your First Aid course at the Pelham in September, so thanks for providing the service.

  27. Dementia Support East Sussex

    Demands on the voluntary sector can only increase in these difficult times.
    For the smaller groups, like ours, the support teams they have in place are critical to their effectiveness.
    We formed dses in’14, facilitated by Rother Voluntary Action, with a single Bexhill club venue. And RVA have been in constant support as we have built new clubs across the region.
    Our new joint venture, re-opening the defunct AGEUK Horam day centres,opening 4 SEPT, will present new challenges.
    Thank you, MARTIN, as I know you and your brilliant team, will be there to help us meet any challenge life can throw at us

  28. Camber Village Hall

    I would like to thank you for your invaluable input and help over the past nearly 3 years, it was such a relief to be able to ask for sensible advice from a friendly, knowledgeable source I feel that the hall is now in so much better shape and far more transparent than it was when the current committee took over. I hope it continues to improve, once again many thanks.

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