Do you have a great idea to get something new going in your community?

 Lee from Pit Stop offered us a lovely thanks for the support we gave him when he started Pit Stop five years ago

“Had a good meeting with the amazing RVA team in Bexhill this morning. RVA helped Pit-Stop get started many years ago and it was good to go back to them again …..but this time we were asking them for advice on how we can offer funding support and out reach services to other young people in Bexhill. It’s incredible how far we have come and grown. 😀

If you have an idea, the drive and commitment to make a change and to start doing something locally the Building Stronger Communities Fund may be able to help you.




East Sussex County Council have a simple small grants process in place for up to £1,500 that will help you to test out your idea, get more people from the community involved and just get going.

Strong applications will show that local community activity works when it is:

Done by rather than done to

Inside out rather than outside in

Focussing on assets rather than deficits

Building bridges

Getting people together 

Using local peoples skills and time

RVA can help you to make an application.  Contact Gina Sanderson or Su Hatherell on 01424 217259