Department of Health and Social Care – Coronavirus Mental Health Response Fund

A £5 million funding pot has been made available to enable England-based mental health organisations from the voluntary and community sector to deal with the increase in need for their services arising from the coronavirus crisis.   The fund is being administered by MIND.

Organisations can apply for funding to:

  • Scale up existing activities: For example, the organisation may manage a helpline or a forum that is experiencing an unprecedented amount of requests
  • Adapt existing activities: For example, the organisation may have traditionally delivered all of their services in-person and now wants to adapt them in order to continue meeting the needs of existing, or new, service users
  • Introduce new activities: For example, organisations may want to introduce a new service that will meet the specific needs of service users that arise due, in part, to the coronavirus crisis

Two sizes of grants are available (organisations can only apply for one grant, regardless of grant size):

  • Small grants of up to £20,000
  • Large grants of up to £50,000

The minimum grant available is £5,000.

For organisations applying for work across at least three English regions grants of up to £100,000 will be considered.   A total of £5 million will be awarded in grants, and it is expected that around 70 large grants and up to 50 small grants will be awarded.

Funding is for a maximum of 12 months. Successful applicants will be expected to start delivery of their activities within one month of accepting funding.


Registered charities, Community Interest Companies (CICs), Charitable Incorporate Organisations (CIOs) or Companies Limited by Guarantee, are eligible types of applicant.


To be eligible organisations must also:

  • Have a track record of delivering services for people with, or at risk of developing, mental health problems
  • Be applying for a grant that constitutes less than 25% of the organisation’s annual turnover


Depending on the level of demand, priority may be given to organisations that:

  • Are in greater financial risk from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic due to a reliance on trading or community fundraising income streams
  • Have limited reserves, putting them at greater financial risk
  • Have already taken a number of steps to address the risks posed to their organisation, such as putting certain projects on hold, repurposing unrestricted funding to scale up day-to-day operations, taking additional cost saving approaches to essential activity


Applications must be completed and submitted online through the Flexigrant Application Portal accessible through Mind’s website. Any applications received via e-mail or the post will not be accepted, unless previously agreed with Mind’s Investment Team.


Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until the funding pot is allocated (which is anticipated to be within eight to ten weeks).


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