COVID-19 UPDATE  Warming Up the Homeless

COVID-19 UPDATE Warming Up the Homeless

With light of the latest Government news and as we are classified as a Critical Service, please be advised this is how we will continue in the Coronavirus scare to keep our volunteers safe and reduce the spread of Covid 19 within our communities whilst continuing to deliver our VITAL SERVICE.



1) We will provide masks and gloves to wear.

2)Wash your hands before you come on the rounds

3) we wipe all surfaces down with disinfectant ( trolley handles etc)after each night

4)No touching, kissing or hugging our homeless friends

5) we keep a reasonable distance with the homeless

6) we tell our homeless friends why we are doing this

7) wash your hands as soon as you get home.



We will STILL COLLECT DONATIONS but keep contact to the public to a minimum you;

1) Wash hands before collection starts.

2) Wearing gloves and face masks

3) Asking people to leave items at an arranged time outside their doors or other suitable/ designated place.

4) Disinfect vehicle after use.



1) Wear masks and gloves whilst sorting through clothing and donations.

2) Clean all surfaces at least twice a day.

3) Wash hands frequently with provided hand wash.

4) Use the hand sanitizer on display at the Charter Centre.