Covid-19 changes to Sussex-wide Emergency Fuel Voucher Scheme

Your Energy Sussex (YES) have made some changes to their emergency fuel voucher scheme to provide additional support for vulnerable pre-payment energy customers during the restrictions to limit the spread of Covid-19. The vouchers, which are funded by Your Energy Sussex, are delivered by Citizens Advice across West Sussex, East Sussex and Brighton and Hove.


  • Increased value – Residents that qualify based on the Citizens Advice criteria (see attached COVID19- Sussex Fuel Vouchers eligibility criteria-2) can be issued with a voucher up to a maximum value of £84 for an individual (previously £28) and £147 for a family (previously £49). The new value is based on the average spend for a prepayment customer during the anticipated 3-month ‘lock down’ period. Further vouchers may be applied for if the lock down period is extended beyond 3 months.



Eligible residents with mobility issues or those who are in self-isolation with no-one available to top-up the card on their behalf should speak to their local Citizen’s Advice branch. In some areas, the branch may be able to arrange for the card to be topped up and delivered to them (although the level of assistance available will differ from branch to branch).


If you are aware of individuals or families in financial crisis that would benefit from a fuel voucher, please put them in touch with their local Citizen’s Advice branch. They will carry out an eligibility assessment, answer any questions and issue the fuel voucher which the householder can take to their nearest PayPoint, Payzone or Post Office outlet to top up their key meter.