Covid-19 changes to Citizens Advice Service

Covid-19 changes to Citizens Advice Service

The CABs in East Sussex have stopped face to face drop-ins and have switched to phone and email. People can ring us on 03444 111 444 or send a message via For people who can’t use those methods we may offer face to face support, but following all the precautions.

We are gradually moving to a fully phone based service and many of our volunteers are over 70 so will be working from home. This is new to both them and us and is taking time but we hope to be ready by next week.

Rother CAB webpage isOur website is:

Many people will need to apply for Universal Credit and we provide advice on this via a national number 0800 144 8 444

The Jobcentre have said that the application process will be streamlined and people will not have to attend to confirm their identity in all cases. They’ve also said they’ll cancel all mandatory interviews for the next 3 months for ESA/ JSA and UC and make payments on the basis of “probability and trust” which I read as “they’ll keep people’s money being paid”.

Citizens Advice have added new pages with advice