Community Transport

Community Transport

Celebrating Community Transport Week 21st – 28th September

Rother Voluntary Action (on behalf of the East Sussex CVS partnership) received funding from East Sussex County Council to lead on and co-ordinate support for the Community Transport sector across East Sussex. This has primarily taken the form of work to support the Community Transport Operators Forum and to organise promotional events in 2013 under “Community Transport Week” for the local sector.

This follows the successful inaugural September 2012 week of events held across East Sussex to celebrate Community Transport then supported by RVA, 3VA, and Hastings Voluntary Action, as well East Sussex County Council’s marketing department. This was such as success that the Community Transport Operators Forum requested that it was held again in 2013. With the financial support from East Sussex County Council, RVA agreed to undertake this in partnership with 3VA and Hastings Voluntary Action.

Community Transport week comprises of a series of events held in different locations across East Sussex within one week to highlight the role community transport plays, promote local services and attract volunteers. By focussing the events in one week we aimed to make a larger impact than holding individual, local but unlinked events and also increase levels of collaboration in the sector.

The aim of each individual event were to raise the profile of community transport locally, and by providing details of services each operator provides, increase both awareness and usage. The events also provided an opportunity for Community Transport Operators to recruit volunteers and increase their membership. In addition to the week of events and the various promotional items produced for this, an up to date leaflet of community transport operators and the areas that they covered and a short DVD were also commissioned.

Display and promotional equipment was purchased for the events and is available in the future for any Community Transport Operator to borrow for events of their own.

The feedback from Community Transport Operators involved in the 2013 week was that they regarded it as being successful, with improved promotional materials and better locations being praised. One Operator has already suggested that the events are held again next year.