Clean Seas Please into a third year

Clean Seas Please into a third year

RVA continues its work on the Clean Seas Please Project for a third year. Supported by the Environment Agency, Southern Water and Hastings Borough Council and working in partnership with colleagues at HVA, RVA is continuing to manage the Clean Seas project.


After the release of the Clean Seas Please report, the findings are showing local communities across Hastings and Bexhill taking up the banner to keep local sea water as clean as it can be by ensuring they dispose of the Fats Oils and Greases they use every day in the bin and not down the sink and helping keep the drains free by only flushing the three p’s ( pee, paper and poo!).


RVA staff have been out an about all summer carrying key messages around keeping our sea clean and how people can help and found nothing but enthusiastic responses where ever they go. From dog walkers picking up, to young mums disposing of baby wipes in the bin, to businesses disposing of their fats and oils responsibly and the home chefs taking our free “fat funnels”,  enthusiasm for keeping  the local environment in the best possible condition is still growing. For more information go to

Or download the report here Clean-Seas-Please-Report