Bexhill Rail Action Group (BRAG) Consultation

Bexhill Rail Action Group (BRAG) Consultation

Bexhill Rail Action Group (BRAG) is committed to working with our rail operators to secure the best possible service for residents and visitors living in and visiting the Bexhill area.

To this end we are undertaking a consultation to seek the views of disenchanted, potential, leisure and commuter rail passengers.  We are, in the first instance, making a list of factors which contribute to travellers deciding to travel by rail and having a successful rail journey.

So far included  as a draft list of Travel Issues

  • Pre-Travel

    Purchase of Tickets
    Scheduled ticket office hours
    Travel Assist
    Luggage Assist

  • Station & Platform Accessibility

    Disabled parking bay
    Step free access
    Wheelchair access
    Tactile route
    Waiting Room
    Disabled Toilet
    Pre recorded Announcements
    Specific Announcements
    Location of Help point

  • Travel

Access to carriage
Securing priority seat
On board announcements
OBS announcements
On board OBS support
Connectivity announcements
Exiting the carriage
Moving around arrival station
Departing Station
Access to Buses/Taxis/Car Park/Pavements
Connecting to forward journey trains
Connecting to Underground Services



Aware of the summer slow down we are hoping for comments to be back with us by mid-August.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch  any questions or concerns.

Responses or Queries to: Rachel Hills  01424 846399 or email