Bexhill Forward

Bexhill Forward



In May, the Government announced a fund to help coastal communities to form Coastal Community Teams based on the successful model of Town Teams. Bexhill Town Team ( and Bexhill Lions Club came together in an effort to widen the remit of Bexhill Town Team and have wider participation. Our bid to the government’s Department for Communities and Local Government was successful and we were awarded £10,000 to

  • set up the Coastal Community Team, which we call Bexhill Forward, and
  • to produce an economic development plan for Bexhill Town Centre and seafront by January 2016.


For some time, Bexhill Town Team has been working with other stakeholders in the town – the Chamber, the FSB, local Councillors – researching and considering the best ways to improve the commercial conditions in the Town Centre to stimulate growth and make the Town Centre more prosperous. We want to support existing jobs and create new jobs in order to bring more wage earners to spend earnings in the Town.

To assist us in producing our plan, we arranged a visit to several locations to look at and report on public realm (public space much of which is under the control of various local authorities but also touches people who own the buildings) so that we can show people what the reality of various projects is. Our purpose was not to look at examples and think where we could put them in Bexhill, but to see what others had done in response to their issues and see what improvements had or had not worked, what were the difficulties and how had they dealt with them. Then to use the whole of the information gathered to inform our discussions about Bexhill Town Centre.

Please come to The Studio, DLWP on Tuesday 17th 10am – 9pm or Wed 18th Nov 9am – 8 pm to view our findings and contribute to the discussion and/or fill in the form below and return it to Bexhill Community Support,56 St Leonard’s Rd,Bexhill


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