Bexhill CIL Local Grants

Bexhill CIL Local Grants

Rother Voluntary Action has been asked to share with you the Council’s intention  to invite bids from the Bexhill Local Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) fund towards projects which support development in Bexhill.


Bidding opens to community groups, infrastructure providers and other interested organisations for an eight week period on 8th August 2019, closing on 3rd October 2019. Applications made after the closing date will not be considered but may be held for a later review.


Guidance documents, alongside an electronic bid pro-forma, are available on the Council’s website using the following link:


Applications submitted by 3rd October will be considered by the Panel and the applicants will be informed of the outcome of this round of bidding in the autumn.


Please do not hesitate to contact the CIL Officer by telephone (01424 787254) or email ( should you have any queries.


The bidding for the Bexhill Local CIL should not get confused with the Strategic CIL; therefore, it is vital to use the above link in respect of making an application and viewing the relevant documents.



What is CIL


The CIL is a mechanism to allow Councils to raise funds from some forms of development in order to contribute towards the cost of local and strategic infrastructure.  Rother District Council has been collecting contributions under the CIL since its adoption in Rother on the 4 April 2016.


Once collected, the CIL is divided into separate ‘pots’. A portion is retained by the Council to cover administration (5%); a portion is transferred to the Parish or Town Council where the payable development has taken place (15% or rising to 25% for Parishes with a Neighbourhood Plan) and the residual value is retained by the Council and is known as the ‘Strategic Allocation’.


In the ‘non-parished’ areas, the communities will still benefit from the neighbourhood portion. In the Rother District, the only non-parished areas are located within Bexhill. The government does not prescribe a specific process for agreeing on how the neighbourhood portion should be spent in this context. Therefore, the Rother Council has retained the neighbourhood portion of the CIL receipts accrued in the Bexhill area and applicants, such as local community groups and infrastructure providers, can apply for funding from the Bexhill portion of the CIL.