Bexhill 1805 -1815 Exhibition

Bexhill 1805 -1815 Exhibition

Bexhill Old Town Preservation Society has put together a small exhibition in what is now known as Barrack Hall, (but was called Russell Farm at the time), situated at the end of the High Street before it goes down into Chantry Lane. The House abutted the parade ground of the Kings German Legion which is now a park.


The Exhibition is simply to give a flavour of life at that time, on the cusp of the industrial revolution and enormous social changes that ensued.

It will feature two rooms:

  • The first will look at the personalities in Politics, Arts and Science, both nationally and internationally, as well as how people lived including fashion and health…
  • The second room will focus on Bexhill’s local ‘news’ during that time, and the people who lived in what is now known as the ‘old’ town…


The Exhibition is only on for three days from:


Friday the 19th to Sunday the 21st of June from 10am until 4pm.


Entrance is free