Behaviour Change for Health (MECC) Training

Behaviour Change for Health (MECC) Training


Who is this for?

The training covers MECC Competency Levels 1&2 and is aimed at frontline staff and experienced volunteers working in support provision throughout East Sussex. Over 1,000 staff and volunteers across 30 voluntary, NHS and public sector organisations in East Sussex have already received our MECC training since 2012. This course is recommended by Supporting People, NHS and Public Health England as the leading tool for prevention work and support provision in the community.


What does the training teach participants?

Participants will learn and practice key Behaviour Change techniques and understand how lifestyle impacts on health; specifically smoking, alcohol, healthy eating and physical activity. Participants will develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to provide opportunistic Brief Advice by gaining an understanding of the COM-B behaviour change wheel and explore how lifestyle and deprivation impact on health. Participants will practise delivering health chats and motivational interviewing, gain a deeper understanding of active communication and transactional analysis, learn how to apply SMART and goal setting to support provision and also learn to identify support assets.


What resources will participants receive?

During the training participants receive behaviour change and healthy lifestyles factsheets and a healthy lifestyles resource pack detailing services clients can refer into throughout East Sussex. Participants can also request a certificate of completion. This course is approved by East Sussex Public Health and awards participants with 6 CPD points. The course is 85% practice-based and uses techniques that have the highest recorded success rate in helping people change unhealthy behaviours.






Download flyer here BCfH Training Flyer January to March 2019