Beachy Head East a Marine Conservation Zone – Sign the Petition

Beachy Head East a Marine Conservation Zone – Sign the Petition

A Local Treasure

The coastal waters between Beachy Head and Hastings on the Sussex coast are well known for a wealth of wildlife and rich seabed habitats. From fragile chalk and sandstone reefs to vulnerable blue mussel beds, this area holds impressive ecological and cultural value. The local sea is important to the community, including sustainable local fishermen, anglers, divers, marine archaeologists, swimmers, sports enthusiasts, walkers and beach users.

But it needs protection. The area is being damaged by non-local fishing boats who are harming the precious seabed habitats with heavy, bottom-towed gear. The local community, including organisations and businesses, is backing the campaign and we are working closely with local fishermen to make Beachy Head East a Marine Conservation Zone.

There’s just under a month to gather as much support as possible for the designation and would appreciate any support you can offer. On the 20th July 2018, the public consultation will close and that will be the end of the third and final tranche of Marine Conservation Zones in England

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