Tennis for Free Egerton Park

Adam Field will be leading a promotion to encourage people to play tennis this summer as part of Tennis For Free in Egerton Park, Bexhill. Adam has had a successful international wheelchair tennis career being picked for the British wheelchair tennis squad at 15 years of age whilst at Filsham Valley School and winning singles and doubles titles in Europe and America.

More recently he has qualified and taking up coaching as part of his aims of giving something back to the sport. Whilst teaching people of all ages Adam has said  “I do particularly find it rewarding giving chances to people with disabilities to play and hit balls”.

Additionally as well as helping people play tennis that as a coach he has gained from being able to lead sessions and this has given him confidence in taking control of situations.

Last week Adam helped with the Parallel Youth Games run by Active Sussex and with Tennis for Free this summer hopes by being involved it will reinforce the message that all people can not only take part in sport but help people to play sport. Indeed part of the plans is to involve volunteers and college students and over the summer Adam has a challenge for everyone whatever their ability “to get out, and either come and try tennis or help me get others playing.”

As part of coaching week Adam provides a good example of how people from a wide variety of backgrounds can help volunteer and coach and that this in itself can inspire others to get involved in playing sport.


 Tennis For Free Is a community sports charity which helps provide free coach led tennis sessions and access to tennis courts in local parks around the UK. Rother District Council will be linking with the charity to provide a venue for the sessions from Saturday 23rd June 2018 from 11am at Egerton Park Tennis Courts.