Recharging Rural Report

Recharging Rural Report

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The Recharging Rural Report has been published by the Princes Countryside fund.  Claire Saunders, Director of The Prince’s Countryside Fund said: “It is encouraging to hear how communities are taking action to address the challenges they face – respondents told us of more than 500 community led projects happening across the UK.
“These projects address feelings of isolation in rural areas and foster a sense of community spirit and pride. Many of these projects typically deliver multiple outcomes, such as arts activities contributing to increasing personal confidence, or

food projects linking people with the land and with each other.”




However it also was clear that “The majority of respondents feel that their rural communities are not valued in the sense of being fully understood by the general public.
Three main reasons are given: that people value landscapes and places, not communities and their skills; that remote rural living is seen as a choice, so rural people feel “blamed” for any difficulties they experience; and that the majority of real rural issues are hidden from view, because “green space” equates to peace, holidays and relaxation, not poverty, deprivation and service centralisation”

You can read the report here