One You East Sussex

One You East Sussex

 is a new service that provides evidence based support and help to enable people to make changes to their lifestyle to improve their health. Often unhealthy lifestyle behaviours go hand in hand and ‘cluster’ with over a quarter of adults having three or more  lifestyle related risk factors (such as smoking, unhealthy weight, not enough exercise, drinking too much alcohol), significantly increasing their likelihood of developing diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

To address this   provides a one –stop shop and tailored packages of support allowing people to address all of their risk factors through a single service, and in a way that’s most likely to work for them. 

Everyone accessing will have an assessment of their individual needs and preferences and receive a personal health plan.  The plan includes options such as face to face services, web or telephone support, or group activity, to make sure that people with the highest levels of need receive the most intensive support, whilst others who can achieve good outcomes through less intensive support have that option available to them.

is open to everyone in East Sussex aged 16 and over (12 and over for stop smoking services) who needs help to make a lifestyle change.   

In addition to lifestyle change services  will offer:

·         Targeted NHS Health  Checks to eligible adults who are least likely to access their Health Check from a GP

·         Training to support frontline staff and volunteers help their clients with lifestyle change and refer to the service

·         Support to other organisations providing lifestyle change services 

The service is operated by a specialist organisation called ‘Thrive Tribe’.   will be contacting key services and referring organisations over the coming weeks to make sure that effective referral pathways and easy access to services are in place. 

For more information about the service, or to contact Thrive Tribe with any queries including how you can make sure that your organisation is able to refer easily into the service, please visit; call 01323 404600 or email