New Action on Elder Abuse Service

The Elder Abuse Recovery Service (EARS) East Sussex is a specialist volunteer based support service helping victims of elder abuse, after the abuse has been ended.

 The aim of the project is to help people get back into some social activity and re-integrate into the community. Through this it is hoped they will make new contacts and friendships and have some safe support systems for the future. We aim to help clients as they start to re-build their lives and begin to regain their confidence and independence.

 The Service covers Brighton, Hove and East Sussex and is free of charge to clients. It is available to people aged 55+ living at home, in the community, in supported living, specialist units,  hospitals or residential accommodation.

 EARS supports people who have suffered all kinds of abuse which includes physical, sexual, psychological, financial and neglect.

Referrals can come from self referrers, individuals on someone’s behalf and all services and groups across the statutory, private and voluntary sectors. 


EARS is a volunteer based service and there are two volunteer support roles –

  • Telephone support for clients who are happy not to meet and may just need information which they follow up themselves
  • The Outreach Support role which involves 1:1 contact with clients either in their homes or external venues

 Cases are time limited to a maximum of twelve months, to allow enough time to work at each client’s pace and get to know them but also avoid creating dependency on volunteers. Cases close when clients feel confident enough to move on independently.

 Volunteers spend time with clients to get to know them and discuss their interests and preferences. Together they then put together an Individual Development Plan of what the client wants to achieve. For example, they may want to re-start something they used to do, try something they have an interest in or something they may not already know about. Volunteers can tell clients about groups and services, get them information, check things out for them and go with them to look at and try things out. If clients are not able to get out volunteers will try to source activities which could come into their homes. 

 The support is totally personalised to each individual.

 For more information contact:

Gail Shanahan

 Volunteer Co-ordinator for Brighton and East Sussex – Elder Abuse Recovery Service (EARS) 

Action on Elder Abuse

Office: Community Base, 113 Queen’s Road, Brighton, BN1 3XG

Mobile: 07508 823975