CQC Local area review

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) announced in July that it would conduct local system reviews of health and social care in 12 areas across the country – one of which is East Sussex.


These local system reviews will look at how people move across the interface between health and social care, including delayed transfers of care, with a particular focus on people over 65 years old. The review will not include mental health services or specialist commissioning, but will use case tracking to look at the experiences of people living with dementia as they move through the system. The reviews will also look at commissioning across health and social care, and assess the governance in place for managing resources.


The first information submissions and other review activity are anticipated to start on 09 October. CQC reviewers will carry out their on-site visit week beginning Monday 13 November, during which they will hold focus groups with cross-sections of staff and stakeholders, visit services (including Out Of Hours), and attend meetings and local events. They will also be attending to undertake a pre-review site visit 24-25 October when they will meet with key system leaders, service users, patients, carers and independent providers.


Eight key pressure points have been identified to test, giving insight into how our local system handles:

1.    Maintaining people’s health and well-being in their usual place of residence

2.    Navigating multiple confusing points in the system

3.    Varied access to GPs, urgent care centres, community care or social care

4.    Varied access to alternative hospital admissions

5.    Ambulance interface with the health and social care system

6.    Delays in leaving hospital, and varied access to ongoing health and social care

7.    Varied access to reablement to help people live independently after leaving hospital

8.    Transfer from reablement to ongoing health and social care


The review will seek to identify how communication flows are managed between health services and social care, and the priority given to person-centred care.

 The reviews are being conducted on the Local Authority footprint, with the Local Authority requested to co-ordinate activity on behalf of the local system:

·         Area Review Co-ordinator: Samantha Williams, Assistant Director, Planning Performance & Engagement (samantha.williams@eastsussex.gov.uk)

·         Project Manager: Bianca Byrne, Acting Head of Policy & Strategic Development (bianca.byrne@eastsussex.gov.uk