Bringing Fareshare to Rother

Bringing Fareshare to Rother


Fareshare picture van               FARESHARE SUSSEX

We are working with Fareshare to bring food,( that would have gone to landfill) into Hastings and Rother.

Fareshare get the food from the main distributers, the food is all good in date and useable.

If you are feeding the homeless or those in need, this could save your agency a substantial amount of the catering budget. There is a small yearly fee of around £500, but this covers all your food.

You may not always get the food you are used to , however, they always have the ingredients to make meals, and this can be an exciting challenge for your cooks/chef, so imaginations to the fore!

Fareshare can also supply small amounts, so if you are just doing snacks or want to give out food parcels, they can provide what you need.

This is an amazing opportunity for agencies to save the planet and save money!! Win Win

We are also looking to set up a community food network, this makes a lot of sense. There is much going on at the moment, supermarkets are now looking to donate directly to charitable organizations, Doms food mission is already delivering food( that would have gone to waste) to agencies such as, Seaview, Xtrax. If this has sparked your interest, and you think you may want to use the service, or even if you just think it’s a good idea and want to support it, contact me:

Melanie Selley  01424 444691