Bexhill Caring Community thanked volunteers

Bexhill Caring Community thanked volunteers

At the start of Volunteers’ Week and Bexhill Caring Community held a ‘Thank You’ event just to say thanks to their volunteers for their commitment and support – office volunteers, drivers for the Community Car Service, Home Library Service visitors, befrienders, Day Centre helpers and minibus escorts and all those that help at our fundraising events.



The Volunteers have a wealth of stories to tell. One befriender said:

“On a first visit to a client, I explained that the lawn would need cutting and that I could do that for him. He said that the lawn had already been cut but looking at it, I could tell that it hadn’t. 

I was  not aware at the time that the client suffered from forgetfulness and gets confused easily. I carried on with the other gardening duties that he asked me to do and he went into his house. He came out to see me a few minutes later and explained that the lawn did need cutting and that it was his hair that had been cut, not the lawn………his wife just reminded him.  We had a giggle about that together. “

Another a medical appointment driver said

“I started working for the Charity 6 years ago and one of my first jobs was to pick up a lady and take her to a hospital appointment. I inadvertently arrived an hour early, I will never forget this trip, the lady was still in her night clothes, I explained it was my fault and no problem I would go and come back in an hour.

We set off for the journey to the hospital chatting away and she told me how lonely she was, she didn’t have contact with anyone, not even neighbours and her daughter had moved abroad.

When I dropped her off home at the end of our journey she thanked me and said I had made her day having a chat with her. This made me realise how important Volunteering work can be and I have enjoyed doing my medical car journeys with the elderly and vulnerable for 6 years now.”


 Opportunities with Bexhill Caring Community

Home Library Service  to take library books to those who cannot get to the library themselves – a few hours every two weeks

Medical Car Drivers  to take clients to hospital or doctors appointments.  45p per mile is paid.

Befrienders  to have a chat and a coffee with clients in their homes

Day Centre Helpers  to help  at one of our Day Centres for the Elderly on either Wednesdays or Fridays

Contact: 01424 215116 or pop into the office at 25 Sackville Road, Bexhill on Sea, Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 3.00pm.