GDPR and RVA’s response when working with small groups


In line with most organisations RVA is updating our mailing list to remain compliant with GDPR. RVA collects data to capture the range of community and voluntary activity happening in the Rother area. We recognise that in the case of very small and local groups we are likely to hold information that is personal to individuals rather than to the position a person holds in a group and we never share this information without your permission.

Primarily the personal emails we hold are linked to the groups you are involved with, or because you have contacted RVA as a person active in their local community and wanting to start an activity or a group.


Sharing details

RVA will ask you if you are willing to have your contacts details used for individual queries (often is someone is looking for a venue to hire, or a group to join) or will contact you with the details of the person making the query.

RVA also asks groups which details they are willing to share if they want to be in on our online directory.Our funders sometimes ask for direct details RVA will ask for your permission before sharing such details


Mailing lists

RVA holds four mailing lists:

  • Membership/Associate Membership – you will be contacted to update your information annually and receive an invitation to our AGM)
  • RVA E-Bulletin – a monthly newsletter with a range of information of interest to local organisations including legal and regulatory changes, funding opportunities, consultations that may affect us, training opportunities, available resources, news and local events. On rare occasions we may send out information which is too urgent to wait for the next E Bulletin using this mailing list.
  •  Locality Networks – we have separate lists for the 2 Locality networks we facilitate (Bexhill and Rural Rother) The Networks are quarterly forums bringing together practitioners from the community and voluntary sector, public and independent sectors to share information and resources, build relationships and collaboration, provide opportunities for mutual support and learning and strengthen community-based services. We use these mailing lists to invite you to the meetings and share any information the members have decided they would like to receive (directory of members, information shared at meetings, training opportunities linked to what groups have told us etc)



How groups can help RVA keep your information safe

  • RVA always recommends groups use a free email address (eg gmail, outlook, yahoo) specifically for your group – if you have a website you may have the opportunity to set up an email linked to the site.
  • Sometimes a member of a group will give the personal email of another member as the main contact (eg saying its best to send it to our Secretary). If this happens we will contact that person directly to ask for permission – so it helps if you have already told them.
  • If as an individual you leave a group please let us know if you don’t want information any longer – and providing new contact details is a great help.
  • Finally, a lot of people ‘sync’ their emails these days and we occasionally get a response from an address we have no details for. Please bear with us when we ask which address received the email.


RVA Privacy Policy

Can be found here http://www.rva.uk.com/privacy-policy/